Wednesday, 27 June 2012


O P Nayyar

O P Nayyar - a legend of Indian film-music was a great admirer of Pankaj Kumar Mullick and credited him for influencing him to become a music director. In the accompanying sound-clip he answers a question posed to him by Amin Sayani through which the aforementioned fact becomes clear.
O P Nayyar interview by Amin Sayani

Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar, the living legend of Indian film-music, had deep respect for Pankaj Kumar Mullick and this becomes evident in her remembrances as recorded in the following sound-clip.
Lata Mangeshkar remembers Pankaj Mullick


Naushad, the versatile genius of Hindi film-music, speaks of the incomparable contributions made by Pankaj Mullick to this genre. Hear it in the following sound clip.
Naushad Ali on Pankaj Mullick

Anil Biswas

Anil Biswas, another great composer, talks about Pankaj Mullick's immense contribution to the genres of both Hindi and Bengali film-music. The following sound-clip is a recording of his testament. 
Anil Biswas pays tribute to Pankaj Mullick

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